Front Door Makeover

Our front door has faded over the last few years because of the brutal southern sun, so we decided it was time for an update! This time I wanted something new that gave the front of our house more "curb appeal". I did not like the existing color of the shutters so I knew I was definitely going to change those (they are a cheap plastic material) so I figured if I was going to be painting them, I may as well match the door and just have it repainted too! So, we played with paint colors and decided to go with Gloucester Sage by Benjamin Moore for the shutters, doors, trim, and window above the doors.

 I did hire a painter for this project because the door is so big and I knew it would involve a really tall latter. The painter used a semi-gloss finish and I am very pleased with it! I've included before and after shots in this post so you can see how faded the door was before and what a difference the new paint made! The wreathes on the door were made by me.  I found the address letters on Amazon for around $30 each! (to purchase You can search "Montague Metal Products Large Script House Number") I thought they really added to the curb appeal I was looking for! The wreathe hangers over the door are from our Pottery Barn Wedding Gift Registry years ago! They are engraved but you cannot tell anymore because they are so worn out. I will eventually replace these. Overall, I LOVE the way our new door looks!!!!!!
(Notice all the paint samples)
(without address letters)

With address letters  

For some reason I can only find an after picture on my cell phone?  If I find a better picture I will post it later.  Ignore the blue painters tape.  This was to make sure the letters looked OK before screwing them into the door.  
The doormat is from Target and the lanterns are from Paul Michael Company 


When life hands you lemons, turn them into something lovely!

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