Nursery Part 2 of 3

Hello again!

Continuing my 3 part post about the nursery, I'm going to show you the glider/rocker corner, some artwork, and an assortment of baskets for toys and books.

Hanging on the wall, directly next to the armoire, (click the link for details on the armoire if you missed them) are 2 square canvas paintings that my AMAZING artist/friend, Sallie Bynum Anzelmo, painted for me!  I saw them on Pinterest and had to have them!  I thought they were so perfect because my husband is a big hunter and fisherman and I'm sure our son will be too!

Artwork by Sallie Bynum Art 

Directly below these paintings are several baskets of different sizes that hold toys, books, & stuffed animals.  I'm sure the contents of these baskets will change over the years but for now this is what they look like...

One of the best gifts I got when I was pregnant was from my best friend from childhood, Angeline Guido, and her mom.  They are both interior decorators and have a good eye for fabrics!  You can see more of Angeline's work on her website and check out her Facebook page!
She is also a bargain shopper like me, and found this VERY comfortable chair at Goodwill for $15.  It was originally a winged back chair with ugly fabric mismatched fabric and patches......

She took it to her upholsterer and had a slip cover made for it so that I could take it off and wash it when the baby throws up on it.  Then she had the upholsterer add a glider/rocker component to the bottom.

So it is now a glider/rocker for the nursery!  Look how GREAT it came out!!! 

The end table is from Hobby Lobby (furniture clearance wall).  I made a bottom shelf for the table out of a silver tray we got as a wedding gift from Pottery Barn.  The wire pram on top of the tray is from an antique store in town.  The bunny inside of it was a gift from Pottery Barn Kids.  (it is the softest thing I have ever felt)
The vase is actually a tin ice bucket for wine/champagne that I found at my favorite consignment store, Patina Interiors, and tied a blue grosgrain ribbon around it that I pulled from a baby gift.  It's filled with cotton from a farm in North Louisiana.  ( I have ordered cotton on the internet before though when it wasn't in season and it was VERY cheap!!!)
The silver cup is a family heirloom and both blankets are gifts from Pottery Bark Kids.  

     Above the rocker/glider on the wall are plush stuffed animal heads.  The top one is a deer and the bottom one is an elk.  *side story, my husband left me when I was 4 months pregnant to go elk hunting in the mountains and while he was gone I received a peace offering/package from him in the mail with this stuffed elk head inside and a sweet note saying this was for the nursery!  We were going to put pink ribbons on the horns if we were having a girl.
     The shelf to the right of the glider/rocker is the second shelf that came in the 2 pack of shelves from Walmart that I told you about in my last post.  I painted this one with Annie Sloan's French Linen also!  On top of the shelves are an assortment of 3 different frames leftover from old picture frames in various sizes, painted in various shades of blues/grays leftover in our garage.  In front of the frames is a statue of a momma and baby elephant that came from my husband's grandmother after she passed away.  The curtains are from Pottery Barn YEARS ago.  (I found them while I was nesting.  They were folded up in some other stuff I had from college!!!)  My mother in law had them monogrammed for me in a diamond font with gray thread and they look better than new!

Well that's it for Part 2 of the nursery.  I'll be back hopefully tomorrow with Part 3 to show you the dresser, a lamp transformation project, and the closet.

Remember, when life hands you lemons, turn them into something lovely!


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