Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to pop in with a few more pictures of some holiday decorating ideas I added to our house!  I hope you're having fun getting ready for Christmas!  I will be back tomorrow with some gift wrapping ideas I've been working on that I am SUPER excited to share!

I had some extra outdoor lights leftover so I took this tin trough from Tractor Supply and filled the bottom of it with about 5 inches of crumpled up newspaper.  Then I draped lights over the newspaper and threw some pine cones on top! It looks best as an outside decoration on our patio.  I may make another one for our front porch!?

close up of the inside of the tin trough 

Christmas display in one of our bathrooms

There is an empty space in our guest bathroom between the Jack and Jill sinks that I added a little bit of holiday decor to.  The silver tray is from Pottery Barn and has tarnished over the years.  I'm usually pretty good about polishing it but I kind of like the patina it has going right now together with this decorative mirror from Paul Michael Co.  I stood this small round mirror up behind the trees, leaning against the large wall mirror just to make the trees stand out that much more.  I made these trees myself from styrofoam cones and sheets of moss from Hobby Lobby.  The candle was a Christmas gift years ago from Louisiana Purchases.  

Well that's it for today.  Can't wait to show you some custom DIY Christmas wrapping paper tomorrow!

Remember, when life hands you lemons, turn them into something lovely!

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