Boy's One Year Old Birthday Party

Hello everyone,

In the midst of our kitchen makeover, our son turned 1 and had a birthday party at the house.  It was a GREAT day!!!!!  He is a very "busy" little boy and loves to get dirty and make messes so I decided to do a construction theme for the party.  This theme was SUPER easy to work with and I had a great time coming up with ideas and decorations!  Most of the food table ideas came from Pinterest, with a few tweaks and changes.  I found the majority of the decorations at Hobby Lobby in the cards and party section and the invitations were designed and printed by Minted...

I LOVE Minted because they have a graphic designer that proofs everything before printing and you can ask them to change almost anything to make it look custom! (they usually always have a coupon code to input during checkout and you can save a ton of money!)  Also, I was able to get these personal thank you cards to match for just $25...

Here are some detail shots and descriptions of the big day...


These are those "horse" things that you can use to lay wood across for projects. We already had these in our garage but you can buy them at Lowe's or Home Depot.  

My sister helped me make these wreathes out of black foam core board from Target.  I bought 2 sheets and she traced a big H onto each one using a decorative wooden H from Hobby Lobby as a guide.  Then,  she cut them out with a box blade.  We then cut small yellow rectangles out of yellow cardstock from Hobby Lobby and glued them on the H to make it look like a road.  Next, I hot glued the construction diggers that I bought at Target to the roads.  Last, I attached some Caution Tape from Home Depot to the back of the H's with masking tape and it became the ribbon to hang the H's from the wreathe hangers on the doors.    

BAD picture/cell phone shot.  I made this from a grapevine wreath from Hobby Lobby, some Caution Tape from Home Depot, a decorative sign from Hobby Lobby, and some construction toys from Dollar Tree.  (2/$1)

The weather was GORGEOUS so we had a mini bounce house in the backyard (our neighbors own one and were kind enough to let us borrow it!)  We kept the french doors open leading to the backyard and I just taped some Caution Tape to the drapery rod so people would see it as they walked outside.  

The doors were held open with orange caution cones and balloons.  The cones were borrowed from a friend whose boys love to do construction work outside and the balloons were purchased from Party City for $1 a piece.  

We set up a wheel barrow to hold the gifts.  I found this mini chalkboard easel in the dollar spot at Target for $3!  I made a sign out of yellow cardstock and black sticky letters from Hobby Lobby to look like a road sign that said "Dump Gifts Here".  I attached the sign to the easel with masking tape and it hung off the side of the wheel barrow quite nicely!
I decorated the birthday boy's high chair with Caution Tape  from Home Depot.  I was able to buy a fat roll of it for $10. 
I made construction hats for each child to wear and/or take home as a party favor.  I found these hats at the dollar spot in Target as well!  They were only $1 and my wonderful friends rounded them up from all of the Targets within a 200 mile radius!  I found these cute orange hard hat stickers at Hobby Lobby and wrote the kid's names on them.  

THE FOOD TABLE!!!  The party was at 3:30 in the afternoon so we did not serve a heavy meal.  We had several snacks, each plated in yellow hard hats turned upside down.  My sister made all of the place cards/food labels using black cardstock folded over and a yellow Sharpie paint pen from Michael's.  

The "hammers" were dum-dum suckers from Dollar Tree

Chex Mex were the "Nuts and Bolts"

Chile con queso was the "Red Clay" served out of a Tonka Truck

Nacho cheese Doritos were the "safety cones"

Oreos were the "Tonka Tires"

My friend and neighbor let me borrow her son's tool bucket to hold the utensils and we called them "tools".  I used paper ice cream cups to hold them inside the tool box.

I had this cake made at a local bakery but after getting home, and baking my son's smash cake, I realized I totally could have made this myself!  All it is, is 2 round cakes on top of each other, (large on bottom and small on top) covered in chocolate icing, and decorated with crushed up Oreo's, which I crushed up and brought to the bakery!  

The 3 yellow road signs had my son's initials on them.  I made them out of yellow cardstock and black sticky letters, both from Hobby Lobby.  I taped them to some toothpicks and stuck them in the front of the cake.  The Caterpillar diggers are from Target.  

Ice cream was the "concrete mix" and crushed Oreo was the optional "dirt" topping.  

And that's it for our little boy's birthday party! He wore his tan Carhartt overalls and had a blast!  
I cannot believe he is one now!!!!!  MY how the year FLEW BY!  What a year it was! So much to celebrate and be thankful for!   

Remember, when life hand you lemons, turn them into something lovely!

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