Basket Turned End Table For Baby's Reading Nook

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I hope you are having a good week. Today I have a quick post about a little reading area I made for our toddler.  He LOVES to read books in his Pottery Barn Kids chair so I created a little reading nook for him in the corner of our living room.  I've been looking for a small end table to put next to the chair so he would have a place to rest his sippy cup and a few books but couldn't really find anything that was durable enough or the right size.  Also, I knew whatever I put there wouldn't stay for long because our baby is very "busy" (as nice people put it) and quite rough on anything in his path (much like a tornado).  So it needed to be something that could weather the storm and we could easily set up over and over again as needed.

I saw a cute picture on Pinterest a few years ago of a wire trash can that someone spray painted and turned upside down to use as an end table for a bed.  Well I didn't need something quite that big but the wire basket that we use to hold his sports balls was perfect!

I found this basket at Paul Michael for less than $20.  It's light weight and about a foot and a half tall.  

So I emptied it, turned it upside down, and made a mini-end table out of it for the large size Pottery Barn Kids Chair...

Multi colored puzzle piece floor-Sam's Club
Toys, books, & blanket-birthday gifts
basket/table- Paul Michael
Chair-PB Kids, fabric is "Grainsack" (name monogrammed in white. I blurred it out for privacy)

Then I started fantasizing about when he gets older and becomes more careful, gentle, and aware of his surroundings (ya right!) this is what the reading nook would look like...

Ok so maybe not totally practical right now but look how precious?1?1  
Maybe for a nursery or a big boy room one day.  

Have a great Cinco de Mayo!  Enjoy some delicious salsa.  

Remember, when life hands you lemons, turn them into something lovely!

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