Decorating the Mantel

Hello lovelys!!!

After almost 2 weeks of having a broken computer, we are FINALLY up and running again thanks to a local computer whiz-fix it man!!!  I wanted to jump behind the counter and hug him REAL tight when he told me it was working again.  Now my "to-do" list is a mile long but that's ok because during this time I was able to catch up on photographing some finished projects that I've been meaning to share with you.  One of these being our fireplace mantel...

This mantel gives me fits sometimes because it is SO wide (almost 2 feet) and so tall (5 feet).  Because of it's magnitude in our living room, I feel like it  needs something very substantial on top, decor wise, in order to look right.  It's too tall to put the TV above it because we would literally be looking up at the screen.  But, if I put something small on top, it would look tiny and dwarfed.  After playing with various picture frames, vases, chotchkies, artwork, mirrors, old windows, iron work, flowers, candles, lamps, books, etc.  I am finally satisfied!  (for now anyways :)

Here are a few pictures of our large fire place mantel... 

The large horns in the middle are from an Elk that my husband shot in New Mexico last year.  At Christmas time I hung our stockings from them.  To see a picture click here. 

Closeup of the wooden boards that the elk horns rest on.  These are simple 2x4's stained with one very thin coat of weathered gray stain and one thick coat of umber glaze by CeCe Caldwell's.  This is the same look and process I followed in doing our bathroom shelves.  If you missed that post you can see it by clicking here. 

This mirror was a gift from my MIL.   

Black & gold glass lamps-Patina Interiors Consignment Store.
Mercury glass tray with black edges-Paul Michael Company 
Moss urn with candles-Patina Interiors Consignment Store
candles-Hobby Lobby
Books-Amazon (Christmas gifts)
Blue glazed vase- Gordon's Home 
Moss ball- Hobby Lobby 

Thick navy & gold book-found at my in laws house
Gold books-local thrift store that is now closed
Ceramic urn-Hobby Lobby
Moss ball-Hobby Lobby
Metal cross-Paul Michael Company
Tall black finials-Paul Michael Company
wire finial - Gordon's Home 

I am finally satisfied with the way the mantel looks now because I can change out the greenery in the vases and urns with the seasons.  In the fall, I'll put pumpkins in them.  In the summer I'll use fresh flowers.  During the holidays I can hang the stockings from the horns.  
So, I can make simple changes like that when I get tired of looking at the same scene without doing anything major and still be happy with it!  

I'll be back soon with some more projects I recently finished around the house. 

Remember, when life hands you lemons, turn them into something lovely!

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