DIY Coffee Bar!

Hello all,

I hope you've had a great week! I have a quick post for you today about a little coffee bar I put together in our house.

I don't know about you but I wake up in the morning thinking about my coffee!!!  My husband got me a Verismo pod maker from Starbucks when I was pregnant so I could make a single cup of decaf coffee for myself every morning without having to waste an entire carafe of "drip coffee".  This Verismo machine has changed my mornings!  I LOVE not having to measure the coffee grounds and water or set a timer!!!  With the Verismo, I can just pop a pod in, press a button, and my DELICIOUS coffee is ready in 30 seconds!  Starbucks doesn't distribute the Verismo pods in grocery stores (major downfall) so we order our pods on Amazon. The good news is, the CBTL (Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf) pods fit in the Verismo pod maker and they are delicious and less expensive!

I searched and searched for months looking for solid white canisters to hold cream and sugar.  I was being extremely picky about what they had a to look like and how much I wanted them to cost, to the point where I couldn't find anything that suited my ridiculous "needs".  Then one day on Pinterest I realized that if you fill a clear Ball jar (mason jar) to the top with cream and sugar, they become white canisters!  I already owned 2 Ball jars so it was perfect!  Problem solved.  (I know waaaa, not a REAL problem).

Lilly of the valley-Gordon's Home

tall white canister with cork top-on clearance at TJMAXX (i think $4?)
white coffee filter holder-gravy boat from Pottery Barn (wedding gift)
* I leave these out incase anyone wants drip coffee
creamer jar-Ball jar wine glass filled with Coffee Mate creamer
*you can purchase these at Walmart or on Amazon.  OR you can make one yourself out of a mason jar & candle stick from Dollar Tree.  Here is a tutorial*
large sugar jar- Ball jar from Walmart
vanilla pump-Starbucks online
caramel-Starbucks online
white coffee cups-Pottery Barn everyday china (wedding gift)
silver tray-Bed, Bath, & Beyond (wedding gift)

Now that I have all of our coffee "supplies" displayed neatly, I feel like our guests can help themselves to coffee whenever they want!

This will be especially great at Christmas time!  
There are SO many cute DIY Hot Chocolate Bars on Pinterest! 

Well I'm off to make another cup!

Remember, when life hands you lemons, turn them into something lovely!

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