White on Bone on Cream on Beige on Ivory on Burlap on Gold...

Hello everyone!

After reading the title of today's post you probably assumed I was naming reindeer!  I wish but no.
Just styling the inside of our china cabinet. I recently decided to clean out, purge, and reorganize the interior of this furniture piece to make it look more neutral and clean.  I did a post last year about my china cabinet makeover project where I purchased an old American Drew china cabinet from Patina Interiors and painted it to match our dining room.  If you missed this post you can read about it here.

So I decided to re-arrange and move some things around so that the inside looked more simple and bright.  I tried to stick to a very neutral color scheme (white, cream, beige, burlap, bone, ivory, and a hint of gold) since the color of the cabinet is a beige color called "Young Kansas Wheat" by Cece Caldwell's.

Here are a few pictures of the finished product... 

gravy boats-Pottery Barn
burlap canvas print-Paul Michael
coffee cups and saucers-Pottery Barn (caterers collection)

china-Bed, Bath, & Beyond (Pattern-Vera Wang Guilded Weave)

white urns-found in my MIL's garage
decorative book- Goodwill 
decorative books-Goodwill 
white urn-MIL's garage
ivory candles-Hobby Lobby
candle holder-Hobby Lobby clearance
deer sheds-found in the woods at the hunting camp 

clear vases- Crate & Barrel Outlet (Dallas, several years ago)
I tied strips of burlap that I cut from a bolt of leftover fabric from Hobby Lobby around each one and filled them with various heights of white taper candles, also from Hobby Lobby.  
decorative books-gifts from friends
china place setting-Bed, Bath, & Beyond (pattern-Vera Wang Guilded Weave)
champagne flutes- gift (Neiman Marcus Last Call Houston)
vase- Hostess gift (brand-Two Birds)
white feathers-Hobby Lobby

tea pot-TJMAXX
burlap canvas print-Paul Michael
pasta bowls-Bed, Bath, & Beyond
white pitcher-TJMAXX
ivory taper candles-Hobby Lobby

Well that's it for today.  
Remember, when life hands you lemons, turn them into something lovely!

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