Craft Room Storage Shelf -Part 2

Happy Tuesday!

Today I'm going to show you Part 2 of my craft room/ office makeover. 

If you missed Part 1 you can read about it here.  

So as I mentioned in my last post, our son has reached the age where he no longer likes to play with "baby stuff" in his old baby playroom so I decided to take the room back and make it my craft room/office again.  

This craft room is where I store all of my paints, brushes, pens, wrapping materials, office supplies, monogramming materials, Cricut machine and scrapbook paper, etc. , etc.  It's also a second guest room with a twin bed which gets used quite often.  So, since I have to share it with others I can't just leave my stuff strung all over the place in an in orderly fashion. (even though this does happen sometimes)  With this in mind, I had to get a little creative with storage and shelving.  In Part 1 of this post I showed you my shelves that I made out of old windows to store paints, brushes, spools of thread, and paint pens.  These shelves hang on the wall over my desk.  You can see pictures of that here

Even after installing these shelves, I still needed more storage!  So I found this really great industrial looking shelf online at  It was less than $100 and free shipping!  I love it because not only was it easy to put together, but the shelves are also tall and have  A LOT of room for storage.  

Here are a few pictures of the shelf all put together and in use...  

3 compartment basket-Hobby Lobby
I love this basket I found at Hobby Lobby!  It's intended purpose is to sort mail, but it's perfect for holding my left over paints!  I transfer all of my leftover paints from various projects in glass jars like old salsa jars, pickles jars, jelly jars, etc.

books-gifts over the years
gray & white 2 drawer organizer-The Container Store
gray concrete vase-Homegoods
small teal plastic baskets-Target ($ Spot)
large teal metal basket-Hobby Lobby

I love this basket from Hobby Lobby!!!  It's the perfect size for holding binders!  I keep all of our important documents and bills in binders organized by subject.  I learned this trick from one of my favorite blogs  She has tons of free, adorable printables for developing your own binder system.  The binders are hand-me-downs from a friend who's son is about to graduate and I spruced them up with some card stock from Hobby Lobby.  This black and white stripe paper is my favorite right now and it was 50% off!

gray & pink file boxes-Target ($ Spot)

And that's my new organized shelf!  Check your local Target or go online to if you are in need of some office organization.  They have a bunch of good looking office accessories right now for back to school!

Remember, when life hands you lemons, turn them into something lovely!

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