Cute Back to School Gift Idea for Moms

Hello Lovelys! 

Today I have a quick post for you about a great company I recently found on Etsy!

We were over at a friend's house the other day for dinner and while our kids were playing together in the back yard, I was talking to the mom about school starting back this year.  She told me about these adorable cards she had just ordered on Etsy by a company called "EasyPartyPrintables" to put in her kid's lunch boxes.  They are pre-made cards, about the size of a business card, with positive and encouraging phrases on them in different fonts and colors.  They came in a set of 360 notes for $6.25 (originally $12.50 but on sale for 50% off) and they were emailed to her in a PDF form for immediate download and then she had them printed at a local copy/print store.  (sidenote: pre-printed options are available for an additional price)

Here are some pictures of a few of the notes and themes that came in my her set...  

Generic theme and colors

Fall theme and colors

Christmas theme and colors

Aren't these so clever and cute???  You can also purchase these "lunch box notes" by the month for $2.95/36 notes.  Another sidenote: this same company also makes adorable Birthday Invitations and Party Decorations for very similar prices, also available on Etsy.  

I thought these little "lunch box notes" were so practical and cute that I had to share them with you!  They would make a great gift for that friend you know who is struggling with sending her kids to school for the first time, or for a mom who just moved to a new town and her kid's are transitioning into a new school, or for a Grandparent who wants to send a little "happy" to their daughter/daughter-in-law who is a mom!   Think how much time you could save in the morning if you didn't have to write out a note and had these cute little cards to throw into a lunchbox!?!  

Check out EasyPartyPrintables on Etsy!    

Remember, when life hands you lemons, turn them into something lovely!

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