Laundry Room Makeover & An Instagram Giveaway

Hello Lovelys!

I am so excited to share my latest project with you today...our LAUNDRY ROOM MAKEOVER!!!

About a month ago, I sat down to plan out what I wanted our laundry room to look like.  I was sick and tired of looking at my dingy laundry room with flat paint, stains on the walls, and mismatched organization bins!  I hated to even go in there and always kept the door shut because it was SO ugly compared to all of the other rooms in our house that were freshly painted this year.  So, my plan was to do something fun and different in this small space!  

My original idea was to make it as easy on myself as possible and just get everything from one "big-box store" so that I didn't have to spend time thinking about it and shopping around.  Here is my "one-stop-shop" plan that I started out with ...

This plan included new drapery rod, sheers, roman shade, rug, paint, storage baskets, laundry hamper, and light fixture 

Then I added up what this inspiration board was going to cost me....

When I got to the final total, I decided that $546 was too much to spend on this tiny space! I really liked the design though, so I wanted to stick with something very similar.   I ended up shopping around for deals to try and cut the budget in half.  I'll show you how I did that below.  
First, here is a "before" picture of our laundry room...



You can obviously see that all of the tupperware "rejects" were being used in the laundry room!
I'm pretty sure that pink bin is from my college dorm! 

Ok, so now that my stomach is in knots, here is the AFTER....

Lettered & Lined was kind enough to provide these 3 FABULOUS Laundry prints for this makeover!!!
This is their "Guide To Procedures Modern" print in a 16 x 20 size.  It also comes in other color options and as a wooden sign as well!  This particular print is white with pewter text.  I thought it was PERFECT for this window against the new paint color!!!

To see more of their ADORABLE signs click here .  I will share some of my favorites at the end.  To see a closeup of the other 2 signs in this space, keep reading!   

So our laundry room is very small and there is not a lot of extra space.  On the right wall, my husband had already installed a row of shelves and a corner cabinet, both from Lowe's that I did not want to mess with. Both of these storage systems are dark, except the storage cabinet has a light wooden top.  I tried to tie the dark and light wood together by using light seagrass baskets.  I found these beauties at TJMaxx for less than $15 each (depending on the size)  The small one on top of the dryer was $7.99, the medium ones on top of the shelf were $10.99, and the large one with the lid, on top of the corner cabinet was $14.99...

seagrass baskets-TJ MAXX
corner cabinet-Lowe's
washboard-Patina Interiors Consignment Store
white pitcher-TJ MAXX
greenery-fresh cut from outside
bag-World Market (teacher gift years ago)
great for hiding Halloween candy!!
iron wall hook-Hobby Lobby (already there)

I LOVE that this basket has a lid because I keep our hand held vacuum in there while it's charging!  I just threaded the chord out of the back of the lid and draped the wires down behind the cabinet so you can't see them!!!!
The vacuum was super ugly and took up so much awkward space (refer back to "Before" picture)
Now you don't even know it's there!  

I made the labels on these baskets out of chalkboard tags I found at Hobby Lobby for 50% off of $2.99!
I used a chalk pen ($2.99) and this tracing sheet I found on Pinterest to write the letters...

not perfect, but atleast I didn't have to bother my friend to do more signs for me!!!  And yes we have enough "bug killers" to fill an entire basket.  (i.e. salt shooter, electric tennis racket/fly swatter, and then some good ole' fashion plastic fly swatters)

I already had this "in between" rolling cart that I purchased from Walmart years ago, and since its white, I just kept it to hold little things that I didn't have room for in the baskets above.  I already had this dark wicker basket (hand me down from my mother in law) so I decided to keep it to once again try and pull together the dark and light wood.  I use it for dirty kitchen rags and labeled it with a chalkboard label as well.  I love the chalkboard look with this antique iron I found at my favorite consignment store! (Patina Interiors)!!

And then on the opposite wall (left wall when you walk in) I now have these one of a kind 8x10 "Wash & Dry" prints from Lettered & Lined!!!  

are these not the coolest prints you've ever seen?!?  They come in different colors, sizes, and in a wood option!

I decided to display them using some extra plywood I found in the garage.  I traced the outline of the prints (8x10) into the plywood and had my handy husband cut them out with a jigsaw.  Then I painted the edges with some left over paint from the walls (Kendall Charcoal by BM but in Behr Ultra Satin) and glued the prints on with Mod Podge...

I chose to display them like this rather than frame them because I wanted to use materials that I already had on hand.  Eventually, I will probably frame them with white thin frames like I used for my Prayer Corner.  But, I LOVE how they turned out for now!!!

 And the whole room 1 more time...
drapery rod-walmart (already had)
white drapes- old shower curtains from World Market
laundry print-Lettered & Lined
light seagrass basket-TJ MAXX
rug-Ballard Designs 
(*Sidenote-my aunt is giving me this "laundry comfort mat" from Ballard Designs for Christmas.  She gave me the "kitchen conversions mat" last year for Christmas so I moved it into the laundry room to get an idea of what the new rug will look like)

This is what the new laundry mat will look like...

Much better right?!?
So here is the final break down of the budget...

Even if I were to have purchased the ADORABLE wall prints from Lettered & Lined (16x20-$42 & 2, 8x10's-$36)  I would have still been under budget!!!

I LOVE the Lettered & Lined company and all that they sell!!!  Here are a few of my favorite products.  These will DEFINITELY be on my Christmas "gift giving" list...

If you like what you just saw....

Stay tuned for our Instagram giveaway coming soon!!!  The lucky winner will get to choose any set of 3 prints from the Lettered & Lined shop, up to size 12x18. 
THIS IS HUGE!!!!  Think about the Christmas gifting possibilities!?!?!  

 Make sure you are following both @LemonstoLovelys AND @lettered_lined for the announcement on how to enter and win!

Well that's it for now.  I'll be back soon with pictures of my Thanksgiving table scape!!!

Remember, when life hands you lemons, turn them into something lovely! 

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Lettered & Lined.
All opinions are 100% my own.
For more information see my disclosures here.

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