2015 Christmas Gift Guide

Hello Lovelys!

After a loooooong week of recovering and catching up on life, I'm just now getting around to posting my "2015 Christmas Gift Guide".  I know we only have 9 days left 'till the big day, but in my mind that's PLENTY of time to do all or whatever is left of your holiday shopping!  Especially for those people on your list that you may be celebrating with after Christmas. 

Ok so here are my top 15 gifts for this Christmas...  

1. Shutterfly Photo Books and/or Shutterfly Credit
There is nothing more special, especially for parents and grandparents, than to receive a custom-made photo album full of beautiful pictures and nice words to remember the most important events and milestones in both the gift giver and receiver's life.  My favorite website for making photo albums is shutterfly.com.  They ALWAYS have a special going on, or two or three, where you can put in multiple promo codes at a time for 1 purchase and save lots of money!!! Check the website for deals before you check out!

2. Ugg Slippers
I mean, do I really need to explain? These are THE MOST comfortable slippers ever made!  And I love that you can where some of them as actual shoes for quick errands and casual days because they have soles on the bottom.  They come in several different styles and colors for both men AND women.  My favorite style for women is the "Ansley" in gray or plum.  Two of my favorite websites for shoe shopping are nordstrom.com and zappos.com

3. Prints & Wood Signs
Lettered & Lined has the coolest prints and wood signs for the kitchen, home, laundry room, kids rooms, & play rooms.   I especially love this company because everything they make is very original different than the typical art work you would see in mainstream home decor stores.  Their prints are high quality and if you choose this option, it allows you to then find the perfect frame to go with it to complete your gift for that special person on your list!

4. Custom Notepad
For the successful, organized, list maker in your life, these notepads are PERFECT!  Once again, shutterfly.com has the best custom note pads at the best prices!!!  Look for promo codes before you checkout to save big!!!!

5. Michael Kors Watch in Rose Gold
Rose gold is all the rage right now and so are big watches.  This watch is the perfect combo!  It comes in several different styles and colors.  Browse macys.com to see other options.  They are currently having a sale where if you use the promo codes MERRY and/or MERRY25 you can save an extra $10 or 15% and get free shipping on orders over $25!!!

6. Ellen DeGeneres Home Book
Ellen's new coffee table book looks fabulous!! I put it on my own "wish list" this year! It's a compilation of pictures from all of her homes she's ever designed and built!  This book would make a great gift and conversation piece in any home! My favorite website for purchasing books is amazon.com

7. Fridge Coasters
If you've never heard of Fridge Coasters you can read the full scoop here in one of my previous blog posts.  Fridge coasters make a great gift for the organizer/ clean freak in your life!  They come in several different colors and patterns and are very affordable!!!

8. Name Bubbles
These make a great gift for mom's or expectant mothers!!  You can customize any label by color, theme, and pattern by going to Namebubbles.com

9. Home Decor
OMG paintedfoxtreasures.com is my new favorite website for home decor and "farm house swag".  They have everything from tiered trays and mirrors to kitchen linens and baskets!  There has got to be atleast 1 person on your list who would fall in love with something from Painted Fox!

10. Dear Lillie Chalkboard of the Month Club
Chalkboards and chalkboard prints have become very trendy in the home decor world.  Dear Lillie is my absolute favorite artist for chalkboard prints and downloads.  They offer a gift package option called "chalkboard of the month club" where you receive 1 chalkboard print per month for a set price.  This is a great gift for that friend and/or family member that you know who loves to decorate, especially year round.  Shop here 

11. Year of Chatbooks
Chatbooks are the greatest thing since sliced bread!!!  Ever since smart phones have become the primary tool for taking pictures, actual printed pictures in homes (whether they be in frames or albums) are few and far between.  Chatbooks.com is the answer to this problem!  Chatbooks allow you to print your photos from social media and smart devices directly into the perfect little sized photo album without ending up with blurry photos!  A subscription to chatbooks is an awesome gift and it couldn't be any more user friendly!  Chatbooks.com 

12. Rocksbox Membership
For the jewelry lover on your list, Rocksbox is the perfect gift!!!  If you've never heard of this company before, you can read all about them here.  In short, Rocksbox.com is a jewelry rental company that allows you to rent 3 pieces of fabulous designer jewelry for $19 a month!!!  See Rocksbox.com for gift options.  

13. Bose Wireless Speaker
This ultra compact speaker is great for the music lover on your list.  Super convenient for parties, boat rides, beach vacations, barbecues, outdoor projects, etc because you get great sound straight from your smart device without having to worry about chords or wires.

14. Yeti Tumbler
Great for the commuter, coffee drinker, teacher, fisherman, hunter, and/or sweet tea lover!!!  The Yeti tumbler actually does keep your drink cold or warm for HOURS.  Purchase at Academy or Amazon.

15. Adult Coloring Book
Some of you may think I'm nuts for this one, but adult coloring books are not ridiculous!  I actually took the time to look through one last month and they have BEAUTIFUL illustrations that would make the most unique and inexpensive wall art!!!!  After coloring, just frame, hang and you have a custom piece of artwork for any room in your house!  Coloring is very therapeutic too!
Shop for coloring books at Amazon.com  or Michaels.com.  *Check Michael's website for a coupon code before checking out!

Well that's it for today.  I hope I've helped you cross off at least 1 person left on your list!?!

If I have time, I plan to come back with one more post about some very last minute DIY gifts you can make yourself!  (not making any promises though)

Merry Christmas and happy shopping!

Remember, when life hands you lemons, turn them into something lovely!

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