Christmas 2015 Living Room/Coffee Table Vignette

Hello Lovelys, 

I have a quick post today about a little vignette I set up on our coffee table for the holidays.  The materials I used are pretty basic and "wintery" so I could potentially leave it out through January-February if I knew that a certain someone wasn't going to tear it apart.  Atleast I have pictures to go back and look at...

lanterns-Paul Michael
candles-Hobby Lobby
snow balls-white styrofoam balls Hobby Lobby
wooden present-leftover piece of a 2x4 tied with burlap ribbon from Hobby Lobby
tin bucket-Tractor Supply
pinecones-found outside
silver ornaments-Paul Michael
greenery-cut from outside
coffee table-husband made (tutorial coming soon)
striped pillows-Target
blue lumbar pillow-Pottery Barn 
I'll be back soon with a post about our new Hot Chocolate station!!!!!  I think it's my favorite part of the holiday decor in our whole house!!!

Remember, when life hands you lemons, turn them into something lovely!

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