Free Printable-Prayers For Your Little Girl/Boy

Happy Hump Day everyone!  

I hope you had a fun holiday weekend and a great Memorial Day!  

Just popping in really quick to share a new printable that I made.  

Two of my all time favorite books that I have read and will continue to read over and over again are The Power of A Praying Wife and The Power of a Praying Parent , both by Stormie Martian.  I don't have as much time to read as I use to but when I can, these are my "go to" books.  I love how each chapter ends with a pre-written prayer for something very specific.  I need this for my multi tasking, overstimulated, wondering brain!  So after re-reading these books recently, it inspired me to make a printable...  

As parents, especially if you have little ones, It's easy to get caught up and over exhausted with life. However, even on the busiest of days, we all need a little time to pray!  

Here is a printable (one for boys & one for girls) that you can keep by your bed, in your bible, prayer corner, or wherever you like to pray/reflect ...  

To print Prayers For Your Little Girl Printable click here

To print Prayers For Your Little Boy printable click here

I hope you enjoy! 

Be back soon with some new recipes and a DIY project I'm so pumped about!

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