New Kitchen Table and Junk Junkies Review

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I hope this post finds you well and you are enjoying the end of summer.  If only that meant the weather was about to turn cooler, ha!  Not here, not anytime soon.

Today I have some pictures to share with you of our new kitchen table and a review on the place where I purchased it from.

If you missed the post about our last kitchen table you can see it here.  Our old table was a "hand-me down" from my grandparents.  I painted it to look a little more casual and to match our kitchen.  It was a great table, but it was a little big for the space seeing as though it had a leaf and 6 chairs.  It was time to let someone else enjoy it.

I shopped for a new table for months before selling our old one.  I had it narrowed down to 2 tables, both round with a pedestal base but a little pricey and neither included chairs so I was hesitant about pulling the trigger.  Then one day a family I did some styling work for told me about this new store that opened in the area called Junk Junkies.  It's a store located in Mandeville that sells second hand furniture and includes the labor for refurbishing in the price of each piece they sell.  They also have a few pieces of furniture already re-done for sale as well.

So I went straight over and checked it out. That's where I found our new table!  It's round with a pedestal base and came with a removable leaf, exactly what I had been looking for except at a much better price!  Here is a "Before" picture of it...

I paid $525 which included 4 chairs AND labor to have the whole thing refinished, custom!  I got to pick exactly how I wanted the table to look, re-done, for no additional fee, and the ladies at Junk Junkies did it for me!

I ended up taking the chairs that came with this table to Patina Interiors Consignment Store, and sold them for $125. (which is why I don't have a picture of them.  They were wood and matched the table)  Then I used that money to buy new chairs at World Market for $74 a piece!!!!

I was so excited when I saw the price tag!!!  They were on sale as a part of World Market's summer furniture sale and then I had a 10% off coupon.  Our new chairs are tufted linen with tall backs and they have distressed legs with a pickled/lime finish...

So after purchasing the chairs, I had my mind made up about how I wanted the table to look after it was painted.  I wanted the top to match the legs of the chairs and the base to match the fabric of the chairs.  The ladies at Junk Junkies did a great job achieving the exact look that I wanted!!!

Here are a few pictures of the table as it was going through the makeover process...
You can see the side closest to you is sanded down with a little limeing wax on the edge, the middle leaf has been limed, and the far end has not been sanded yet.  

This is the same picture from another angle.  That small end table is another piece they had just finished liming.  We were just placing them side by side to compare.

I had complete confidence in the girls at Junk Junkies!!  It took them about a week from start to finish to complete the table.  They called me in to the store throughout the process to "OK" the paint color for the base and the table top.  They included me in every decision before it was finalized and made sure that I was 100% happy with the piece.

The paint color for the base was tricky.  Originally, I wanted to match it as close as possible to the fabric of the chairs.  This was tricky because there are a thousand paint colors in this world and the lighting in the store was different than the lighting in my house.  In the store, the paint color was an exact match and brought out more of a green color in the chairs.  When I got the table and the chairs home, the paint still looked green but the chairs looked more brown.  So at home the paint color isn't an exact match.  This was a blessing in disguise though because had I picked a paint color that matched the chairs in my home, it would have been WAY too brown and clashed with the table top.  The thing I love most about this new table is the limed top and the contrast between the pedestal base and the table top.  I think the contrast makes the legs look more dramatic in a way.  So I am 100% satisfied with my new table even though the paint isn't an exact match.  That part of it worked out for the better!

Here are some pictures of the finished product the ladies at Junk Junkies did an AMAZING job...

Placemats-World Market

I love these little glass bottles from Homegoods! Who knew baby's breath could look so pretty!?

Well that's it for today!  If you are ever on the Northshore or nearby, check out Junk Junkies!!!  They have some really great stuff at fabulous prices!!!!

Junk Junkies-Mandeville
4350 Hwy 22 Mandeville, LA
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