Christmas 2015 Back Hallway and DIY Wreathe for $5

Hello all!

I hope this post finds you deep in the middle of Christmas shopping and decorating!

Today I have some pictures of our back hallway decorated for the holidays .  This year is our first Christmas to have the door painted a dark black color (Mopboard Black by Benjamin Moore) so I wanted to do something different with the wreathe I usually hang on it.  If you missed the post on our "Back Hallway Makeover" you can read about it here. 

So I knew I wanted something light and fresh to contrast with the door but didn't want to spend one penny!  Well I broke that rule (shocker) but I did come pretty close to spending next to nothing.  I saw this lovely wreathe on Pinterest and thought, "I can totally make this for CHEAP!"...

Found on via Pinterest.  direct link here.
*Sidenote- she has some AMAZING DIY wreathes on this page
Original post from Xenia Nova

I already had 2 paper grocery bags full of pinecones from previous years so I got those down from the attic, and some red cardinal ornaments that I had saved from my teaching days.  (my last school's mascot was a cardinal, how lucky is that!?!)  So I already had those 2 materials in my arsenal.  Now I just needed a base to attached them to. I pulled some decorations off of an old birch wreathe (originally purchased from Hobby Lobby for $4.99) and used that as my base so I didn't have to purchase another one.  Sidenote-If I didn't have this extra wreathe laying around, I would have cut my own wreathe-form out of a cardboard box and used that as a base.

First, I laid the wreathe down flat and placed my pinecones around the circle exactly how I wanted them.

Then, I hot glued each one into place.  After hot gluing, I took some fishing wire that I found in my husbands stash in the garage and wrapped it around each pine cone with 1 very long continuous string until all of the pinecones were held into place.  Then, I tied it off with a knot in the back of the wreathe.

Last, I used the same $3 can of fake snow leftover from the fireplace mantle and sprayed 3 quick, light sprays over the pinecones to make them look like they had a touch of snow on them!  After letting the snow dry completely, (it took a lot longer than I expected) I secured the cardinals to the pinecones.  *Sidetone-these cardinals are sold at Dollar Tree 2/$1 around the holidays.  They come with a wire attachment at the feet.

And tada....

rug-World Market
wall of hooks tutorial
door color-Mopboard Black Benjamin Moore
wall color-Revere Pewter Benjamin Moore
trim-Moderate White Sherwin Williams
plaid shopping bag-Target (free with purchase of a lot of groceries)
frames-Dollar Tree painted with Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore
jacket- Nordstrom (years ago!)

Well that's it for today.  I'll be back sometime this weekend with some more Christmas decorations from our home!

Remember, when life hands you lemons, turn them into something lovely!

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