Christmas 2015 Tree

Hello again!

I'm back today to show you Part 2 of our home decorated for the holidays! THE CHRISTMAS TREE!   If you missed Part 1 (our fireplace mantle) you can see it here.  

So in the spirit of not spending any money on decorations this Christmas, (other than the $12 for the mantle) I decided to keep the DIY ornaments I made last year out of silver trays and chalkboard prints and add some natural elements to the tree.  When it's from nature, its free and free is GREAT!!!  

My original plan was to flock our tree this year.  I had this vision of a white, fluffy, totally new looking tree!  Then I started looking into it and was quickly discouraged.  (mess, cost, smell, but mostly mess!)  Instead, I came up with a free substitute...COTTON!!

My husband and I were driving down the road in North Louisiana over the Thanksgiving break and he spotted a pile of cotton plants sitting in someone's garbage pile.  I didn't see them at first but he said to me "look at all that cotton someone is throwing away!?!"  "Immediately I said WHERE? TURN THE CAR AROUND!"  He whipped the car around and when we pulled up to this trash pile, I felt like I had won the lottery!!!!  Cotton these days is SO hard to come by!  It's either too expensive, too fake looking, or "out of stock"!  This trash pile was FULL of beautiful cotton plants that a lady was getting rid of!  I jumped out and quickly filled up half of my trunk with fluffy cotton plants!  It was amazing!!!  

So needless to say, our Christmas tree this year is flocked with cotton... 

You can see a complete source list of the mantle area by clicking here.
Most of our ornaments are from Paul Michael with a few mixed in from random places.  Keep scrolling to see closeups...

The spray at the top is from Michael's.  ($5)

ornament-Paul Michael

Golden Gate Bridge Ornament-Pottery Barn

gold glitter cross ornament-Paul Michael

gold glitter peacock ornament-Pottery Barn
pewter glitter reindeer ornament-Pottery Barn (came on a wrapped gift) 

DIY photo ornament from craft paper, black and white photos, and raffia  

silver ball ornament-Paul Michael (alley cats)

I don't remember where I got these snowflakes ornaments but they were sold in a set of 10

And at night...

I LOVE how the cotton resembles snow!!!  I love even more that it cost $0!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another great way to get that flocked tree look without having to actually flock it and make a mess, is to use dusting pads from Dollar Tree!  Check it out here on

I hope you're having a wonderful holiday season!  I'll be back soon to share more of our Holiday House Tour with you!

Remember, when life hands you lemons, turn them into something lovely!

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